Hotel Offers Free Stay for Next 18 Years to People who Make A Baby There This Valentine’s Day

You don't even need to stay overnight!

If you’re still wracking your brain trying to think of the perfect Valentine’s Day date for you and your significant other, wrack no more.

Hotel Zed in Vancouver is offering a special promotion this year for Valentines Day. They are offering a free hotel room on Valentine’s Day, every year for the next 18 years, to anyone who makes a baby at their hotel this Valentine’s Day.

If you’re busy, and you already have dinner plans, you can STILL get it in because they’ve got slots from 10am-to-2pm for anyone who wants to check-in, get it on, and be on their merry way for dinner. They call it the ‘nooner’ and its $59. Here’s more info on that. If anyone who stays at the hotel on February 14, 2020 has a baby nine months later, they will be welcomed back every year for the next 18 years, for free.

Here’s the coolest part, anyone is free to take advantage of the deal regardless of gender expression, gender identity, and sexual orientation. As long as you are welcoming a new baby into your family nine months after your stay, you can take advantage of this promotion.

[via Peninsula News Review]