People Are Mixing Hot Dogs With Beer At Yankee Games

It's more disgusting the more you watch it

There is some weird phenomenon happening in the Bronx at Yankee Stadium.

It seems to be only Yankee fans, for what it’s worth, that are experimenting by mixing hot dogs with their beer. The first guy has a little arts and crafts session, takes a straw and uses it to hollow out a hot dog, and then proceeds to drink beer through it… He is all by himself, and seemingly not doing it for a show or to go viral, but there is no chance it *tastes* better this way, the hot dog or the beer.

Someone making a hot dog straw just seems fake, what would cause such behaviour? If you say don’t knock it til you try it, you’re just as crazy.

Now on the more believable side is this next guy, who decides to dip his hot dog — bun and all — in his beer before taking a bite.

Wouldn’t you have pieces of the bun and hot dog floating around in your beer?

You be the judge, are both of these guys plants or are they real-life new yorkers?