Honeymoon Suite is Occupied!

New Release from Upcoming Album

Legendary Niagara Falls rockers Honeymoon Suite have hit the Rock Music Charts for the first time in 19 years!  The band has released Find What You’re Looking For, the first single from their new upcoming album, the band’s first new album release since 2008’s Clifton Hill.

First formed in 1981, Honeymoon Suite broke onto the Canadian music scene thanks to their hit single “New Girl Now”.  Founding members Johnnie Dee and Derry Grehan would soon be joined by Gary Lalonde, Dave Betts, and Peter Nunn, and go on to win a JUNO Award for ‘Group of the Year’, countless nominations, and continued International recognition over their near-40 years.

Before the pandemic, the band had continued to perform live as part of various tours and and events and have remained active musically throughout the years.  The band says of the new album release  “This new album will be the strongest new music we’ve released in a long time.”  The new album is set for release later this year.