Hipster Nativity Scene Features Selfies and Segways

Away In A Solar Powered Manger

Great news everyone – should you be looking for to add a nativity scene to your holiday decor, it’s just been given a cringe-worthy 2016 upgrade!

According to Mashable’s interview with Modern Nativity founder, Casey Wright, the idea for this hipster nativity set came about during happy hour.

“After a few beers, we started joking about how religions would be different if their sacred texts were set in modern times,” said Wright.

So… apparently if Jesus was born in 2016 he’d be in a solar-powered manger? Let’s not forget the wise men on Segways, a shepherd too busy staring at his phone to care (but at least his 100 per cent organic cow has gluten free feed!) And yes, Joseph has a man bun.

Even though the response is polarizing (Wright says “It’s usually, ‘This is hilarious, I need one,’ or ‘This is sacrilegious, I hope you burn in hell,’ and almost nothing in between those two extremes,”) Modern Nativity is still selling about 500 nativity scenes a day at $130 US each.

Hipster Nativity Set via Alison Baker on Vimeo