Hilarious New York Bartender Has Become A Viral Sensation On Jeopardy

"He's Got Hair, Chutzpah And Broad Based Knowledge"

He’s got hair, chutzpah and broad based knowledge.” Alex Trebek hit the nail right on the head with that description, when talking about 7-Day Jeopardy champ Austin Rogers. Rogers has won more than $278,000 on the game show in seven days so far.

Rogers turns the image of a typical reserved, quiet Jeopardy contestant on it’s head. The quirky bartender told Good Morning America that he prepped for the show by watching “hundreds upon hundreds” of episodes to prep for being on the show, when he started to notice patterns in the questions. Rogers claims he didn’t get smarter, he just “gamed the game”.

Rogers has developed quite a following on Twitter. Fans are following his progress with the hashtag #austinonjeopardy