‘Here Kitty Kitty’ Lives On From Tiger King As The Offspring Deliver A Cover

Tiger King Won't Go Away & I'm Okay With That

If you still haven’t found time to watch Tiger King on Netflix, I applaud. I honestly don’t know what the hell you’re watching! It’s only 8 episodes and the first one is guaranteed to suck you in. Yes you have time. Literally anything you have on your to do list can wait. Tiger King has took the world by storm and now The Offspring have hoped on the for the ride as they deliver a cover of ‘Here Kitty Kitty’ by Joe Exotic. Joe is in prison now as he was found guilty of plotting the murder of Carole Baskin, and that part is literally 1/8th of the show.

It’s funny because the original song — Joe Exotic didn’t even sing. And if he did, this version is better anyway.