Having A Preference When It Come to A Masseuse – Jerk or Justified

Jerk or Justified

I was out for dinner this week with my brother and friend, and for some reason benefits at work came up. My brother is changing jobs so he will be leaving his old benefits and getting new ones, and I told him to take advantage of the current one’s he has now before they run out. He told me they do include a certain amount of free massages every calendar year.  That’s a great perk. My brother said that he would prefer a female over a male when it comes to a massage. That’s when our mutual friend piped up and said that his comments are extremely sexist.

I thought are they sexist? You’re paying for the service, and you want to be comfortable, and is it not okay to have a preference? Regardless if want to admit it, you likely have a preference surely.

Is my brother a Jerk for wanting a member of the opposite sex to be his masseuse or is he Justified?