Have You Seen The Viral Eagle Creek Fire Golf Photo?

Kristi McCluer noticed the smoke while skydiving

This photo of golfers putting while fire ravages the background is going viral for obvious reasons, and no, it’s not photoshopped.

According to Fortune, Kristi McCluer noticed the smoke rising from trees in Eagle Creek last weekend while she was skydiving.

“McClure made five jumps that day, and on the third dive she saw a huge, vertical smoke plume rising to the east. By the time she made her next jump an hour later, the smoke had gone horizontal. “You could see it spreading across the sky,” she says. But visibility was still good, so she and her friends got one more skydive in, before calling it a day.”

On the following Monday, McCluer drove to the Bridge of the Gods, which connects Washington and Oregon, to snap some photos. She ended up in the parking lot of the Beacon Golf Course in North Bonneville, where she noticed a few golfers still on the course.

The Eagle Creek fire has burned approximately 32, 000 acres thus far.

Here is an updated image of how far the fire has spread.