Have You Been Blowing Out Your Birthday Candles?! There Is A New Way — A Cooler Way

Birthdays are changed forever

In the past I have blown out birthday candles. Most of us have. It’s a tradition, and since we were young we were encouraged to do so, so we did. And that’s okay. Okay as long as you don’t do it anymore. Before the pandemic, blowing out birthday candles was gross when you think about it. It spreads germs. Did you ever get sick because someone who was sick blew out candles and infected you? Impossible to know. But not impossible to avoid.

I found a genius on Twitter, who goes by the name of Vindog, who has been repulsed by people blowing out birthday candles for a long time. He made this video back in 2016, and prepare to learn the proper way to blow out birthday candles, or any candles really.

Oh but what if you have a lot of candles cause you’re really old?

Problem Solved.