Had M. Bloomberg Not Run For President, Other Ways He Could Have Spent $500M

Some incredible things $500M could buy

It is official Michael Bloomberg has dropped out of the Presidential race. Not a huge shock, he joined the race late and seemed out gunned intellectually from the beginning. However, he has money — so that allowed him to stay in the race as long as he did. How much money? Michael Bloomberg is worth a staggering 62 Billion Dollars. $62,000,000,000. Nine zero’s FYI.

So when we found out he spent 500 million dollars on his campaign advertising — it’s not a lot to him, sure. But can we even fathom 500 million? If Bloomberg decided not to run, but was still hell bent on spending $500 million dollars, here are some of the huge items he could have purchased.

Calgary Flames at $500 Million (and the 11 teams worth less than Calgary with money to spare)

All 200 Ferrari LaFerrari Apertas in existence, with $60m to spare (Ferrari only made 200, at a price of $2.2m per)

Bill Gates technology filled Washington Mansion with $300 million to spare

7 Gulfstream G650s ($65m a piece)

The possibilities are practically endless.