Guy Steals $4.5 million Then spends $1 million on in-Game Purchases

He spent $1 million on 'Game of War'

If you were cunning enough to steal over $4.5 million dollars, how would you spend it? Fast cars, boats, maybe a new house? Not 45-year-old Kevin Lee Co from California, he spent $1 million on in-game purchases for the app, Game of War.

He spent a good amount of his stolen money on luxury cars, plastic surgery, a membership at the Whitney Oaks Golf Club, and season tickets to see the Sacramento Kings and the San Fransisco 49ers before getting caught.

How did he steal $4.5 million dollars? According to the Washington Post, he managed the accounting department of a heavy machinery company. He made hundreds of unauthorized credit card transactions using the company’s accounts, manipulated and falsified records and mislead the bank when it inquired about suspicious transactions.

Now, he has to pay back $4,542,236.08 and could spend 20 years in prison.

(cover photo via Bago Games flickr)