Guy Allegedly Poses as Nickelback Drummer to get Free Equipment

"We All Just wanna be Big Rockstars"

Here’s a photo of Nickelback drummer Daniel Adair:

(via Lunchbox LP flickr)

Here’s a photo of Lee Howard Koenig:


Koenig tried to impersonate Adair to purchase $25,000 worth of equipment from a company in Austria. He allegedly used a fake email address ( to contact the company claiming to be Adair. He then ordered $25,000 worth of equipment to be sent to his home in Florida. 

One of the company’s reps was suspicious of his order and contacted Adair directly, who confirmed he didn’t place the order, and the email address was not his.

Koenig goes by the name Mr. Wooky on Facebook and describes himself as a multi-platinum award winning drummer with Sony/Epic. He also claims to have worked with the Beach Boys, Billy Joel, and the Saturday Night Live Band.

Lee Howard Koenig was arrested this week on two felony fraud-related charges.