Greta Van Fleet Making Waves

Michigan Rockers selling out Tour

Image result for greta van fleet non copyright picsLast summer, people were starting to notice a young upstart band out of upstate Michigan called Greta Van Fleet (named with a slight variation of a women in their home-town of Frankenmuth who they thought had a cool name).  Many people were drawing a comparison between the sound of the band to the classic rock sound of Led Zeppelin to which the young band would say, “thank you very much, that’s quite a compliment.”

While defiantly influenced by the classic rock bands of yesterday, each of the band members leans toward a certain style of music. Jake gravitates towards rock and roll, Sam likes jazz, Danny prefers folk, and Josh likes world music, but they all come together when it comes to the blues.

The band started getting noticed last summer with their debut release Highway Tune charting at number one on the Billboard, Mainstream and Active Rock charts and the band has been gaining in popularity and notoriety ever since opening for Bob Seger last fall, performing at Elton John’s Academy Award party at his invitation this past Spring and now on tour performing to sold-out venues including two sold-out dates in Toronto later this summer.