Google Doodle Hides a Musical Secret!

All to celebrate Oskar Fischinger's birthday!

The “Google Doodle” for June 22nd holds a really cool secret… it’s a free music creator! This fun, free game could be a dangerous time sink if you really get into it! You can play with it here – just click the yellow play button on the second “o” when you get there.

The Doodle celebrates the 117th Birthday of Oskar Fischinger. Fischinger was a filmmaker, painter and also created the Lumigraph, an instrument that produces optical paintings with hand movements. This invention was the precursor for many apps and games we take for granted today. This Google Doodle honours Fischinger’s pioneering work.

Google worked in part with Fischinger’s daughter, Angie, to bring the project to life.