Goodwill Workers To Be Paid Today After All

Should be in workers' bank accounts by end of day

Goodwill executives have been pulling some strings and come to agreements with RBC and payroll firm ADP to ensure displaced workers will get their pay today (for hours worked up to January 16). Goodwill had announced this week that pay would not be forthcoming. In addition, records of employment have been processed and will be mailed out next week. This will allow staff to begin the process to apply for employment insurance and seek out other assistance. In an email this morning, Goodwill CEO Keiko Nakamura said, “I regret the concern, anxiety and frustration the staff of Goodwill has experienced as a result Goodwill’s cash flow crisis resulting in the closing of all stores and operations. My overriding priority since the closure of our operations has been to ensure the payment of our staff for work done. But the future of Goodwill is not assured. I am seeking the necessary support and alliances to create a constructive path forward for the organization and the many communities it serves. I believe that possibilities for transformation and renewal of the organization will be explored with individuals and groups who value the contribution Goodwill makes to the communities it serves – its employees, donors, those seeking employment in challenging circumstances and the many families who purchase from Goodwill stores.”