Goodbye Brazil.

Thanks for the Memories!

Not sure about you, but I think I might go through a little Olympics withdrawal in the coming days.

I’m not exactly sure why the Olympics have the power to pull you into watching various sports you’d never really consider normally watching, but during the Olympic games with county going against country showcasing the world’s greatest athletes, it just all becomes very special.  Rio2

The story lines that develop become intriguing.  Some good, some bad.  Learning things about the host nation you didn’t know about, seeing rivalries being played out on the field, heartbreak for some athletes, sheer ecstasy for others.

After the Opening Ceremonies, the enormity of  how many different events are all happening at the same time seems overwhelming, you quickly adjust though and Rio3get used to the pace, then, just as you start getting into it and start getting wrapped up in the moment of what’s happening, we’re heading into the final weekend, and as quickly as the games have come, they are ready to come to an end.

For all of the problems Rio had going into the Olympics, in the end, they put on a great show for the world to see, and while economically they may pay for these games for years to come, at least Neymar gave them something to cheer about for the next four years.