Going Over The Dollar Limit for Secret Santa – Ahole or Acceptable

Ahole or Acceptable

Our office recently hosted a Secret Santa like many workplaces do all over the world and like many, there was a dollar amount set on how much individuals could spend, and this year it was at $20. Now what can you really get someone that’s great for 20 bucks? I’m sure there are some things but I am just not that good of a shopper so it seems like the whole thing is a waste of time. But that’s just me. Other’s really enjoy themselves with Secret Santa, and there’s a few reasons why. If you receive a gift that is GREAT and AWESOME and FANTASTIC…..BUT it cost 40 bucks or 50 bucks, you don’t really mind, someone treated you! However what about everyone else who followed the rules? Now the $20 gift that John is giving is Marilyn doesn’t really hold up when the previous gift opened was worth $40.

AHOLE OR ACCEPTABlE to go over the limit on a secret santa gift exchange?
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