Geocaching to the Extreme

Oh, the places you'll go.

Geocaching: The original PokemonGO. Leading adventurers young and old into the unknown to find a box, trinket, or sometimes just a log book. This world-wide scavenger hunt is known to take explorers to extraordinary places…but I mean come on. Some of these are just ridiculous!!


Earth’s Roof – Mount Everest 

As if climbing the world’s tallest mountain isn’t hard enough…you can use your limited oxygen to find a little hidden something.

The International Space Station

I think if you get this one, you win and the game is over.

The Leap – Arizona

Sure it’s just a 3-4 foot gap…but it’s over 100 ft down.

As North As It Gets – Alert, NWT

Might want to layer-up for this one.

Ghost Cabin – Somewhere near Red Lake, ON

To get top this cache you’ll have to charter a flight to an outpost at Loon Haunt…but hey, you were probably already going there, right?

(Real cabin not pictured)