Gazebo At Sam Cancilla Park To Be Replaced

Cheaper than fixing it

A downtown Barrie park is getting a facelift at the cost of an 81-year-old gazebo. City Council has voted to put $25,000 towards restoring Sam Cancilla Park. But to do so, they’ve decided to start from scratch. Council approved a plan to raze a dilapidated gazebo at the park, and regrade the land underneath it. This went against a staff report that called for repairs to the facility instead, at a cost of $50,000. Councillor Michael Prowse was the one to offer up a motion to go with the cheaper alternative, saying rebuilding the gazebo wasn’t worth it. While the gazebo has stood on the at Dunlop and Mulcaster for 81-years, no records on file with the city point to it having any historical significance. Council still needs to ratify the decision demolition would take place.