Game of Thrones’ Hot Pie Launches Real Life Bakery

It's called "You Know Nothing John Dough". Let that sink in.

“You Know Nothing John Dough.”

Spoiler Alert for Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 2 within.

Ben Hawkey, the actor who portrays Hot Pie in Game of Thrones has taken his role in the show to new levels. He’s baking and selling the direwolf bread that his character perfected through Season 4 in real life.

Hawkey’s bakery, “You Know Nothing John Dough” (let that glorious pun sink in for a moment) is not currently not accepting orders, but if you live near Battersea in London, England, you will eventually be able to enjoy one of his direwolf treats. The wholewheat cornbread goods are available exclusively locally through Deliveroo.

Hawkey timed the launch of his business perfectly as he returned to the show this past Sunday after a two season absence.