‘Game of Thrones’ Cast Won’t Get Scripts for Next Season

to prevent spoilers

They don’t even trust the cast to keep the script for season eight a secret. Producers are taking no chances according to Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who plays Jamie Lannister in the show.

He was on the Scandinavian chat show “Skavlan” and says during the first few seasons actors got the customary hard-copy scripts in advance. Then, in an effort to keep security a bit tighter, scripts were given out digitally. In the most recent season, actors got their parts via verified email.

A few months ago, HBO was hacked and show files (including scripts, phone numbers and emails of the cast) were stolen and held for ransom. To prevent spoilers from being available online, security is now the tightest it’s every been. Actors will not have access to scripts. Instead, actors will be given earpieces and fed their dialogue to deliver, line by line.

HBO has not revealed when season eight of Game of Thrones will air.