Foo Fighters Release Music Video For “Love Dies Young” Starring Jason Sudeikis

Watch this tribute to Caddyshack by Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters have released a brand new music video for their single “Love Dies Young”, and it lives up to the hype.

The video starts in a pool locker room and features Jason Sudeikis playing his character Ted Lasso as a synchronized swimming coach. Like any good coach, he’s giving his team of apparent female swimmers a pep talk. A bizarre pep talk … but a pep talk regardless.

The bizarre locker room talk ranges from him inspiring them to perform “lifts higher than Christ” to sharing a strange story about his father’s death as he was conceived. Given Jason’s comedy chops, you have to assume that most of the dialogue was improvised.

The whole time, the swim team has their backs to the camera.

After about 2 minutes of Coach Ted Lasso saying the most wild things to a team, the team gets up and walks to the pool.

At this point, the music starts and the swimmers finally turn to face the camera and its revealed that the swim team has Foo Fighters’ faces swapped out with the synchronized swimming team.Foo Fighters' Music Video For "Love Dies Young" syncro swimming

From there … the video goes about exactly how you think it should.

Things go well until, in an homage to Caddyshack, a turd is seen floating in the water. This obviously causes chaos in the pool and makes the people at the judges’ table vomit.

This video was written and directed by Dave Grohl.

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“Love Dies Young” is the latest single off the recently Rock & Roll Hall of Fame-inducted band’s new LP Medicine at Midnight. Grohl also recently revealed that he would produce a new rock-themed horror film he envisioned, Studio 666.

Watch The Music Video For “Love Dies Young” By Foo Fighters