Foo Fighters Drown Out Westboro Baptist Church Protestors In Kansas

Kill 'em with kindness

@consequenceThe Dee Gees (a.k.a. Foo Fighters) just want you to dance, Westboro Baptist! 🎥: Talkie86/taradublinrocks on Twitter #FooFighters #DaveGrohl♬ original sound – consequence

Dave Grohl, the nicest man in rock n’ roll, what do you have to do to get on his bad side?

Well the Westboro Baptist Church found out, when they were picketing the Foo Fighters’ concert in Kansas over the weekend. The Church is known for picketing at all sorts of major events, often controversial one’s including soldier’s funerals. Westboro is universally disliked so nice guy Dave was safe to troll them a bit. He and his bandmates loaded up a truck, drove to the picketers, made a speech and played a Bee Gees cover.

How does Dave Grohl continue to make you like him more? Doing things like this.