Flight Of The Conchords Working On New TV Special

It's Back to Business Time

Put away your hurt feelings, Flight Of The Conchords are coming back.

The comedy duo are reportedly working on a one-hour special for later 2018. In an interview with ET, Jermaine Clement said him and the crew are “going to film a little something this year.”

It’s not entirely clear whether or not the special will be hosted on their old home of HBO, but according to A.V. Club, the company gave a similar repose to Clement’s statement. “The deals are not fully in place.” they said. “We’ll hopefully have news soon and will be back in touch.”

Clement also didn’t mention if the whole gang would be getting back together, but it’s a fair assumption to say Bret McKenzie will be reprising his role. We’ll stay hopeful the rest of the cast makes an appearance including Rhys Darby as FOTC band manager Murray, Arj Barker as Dave, and Kristen Schaal as Mel.