Flat Earthers Now think the Earth is Doughnut Shaped

The Earth is a doughnut and the moon is made of cheese!

The Earth is no longer flat according to the Flat Earth Society. It’s actually doughnut shaped.

Apparently a group of former flat-Earthers now believe the earth is no longer flat. A Flat Earther who goes by the name Varaug proposed the idea in 2012 that the earth is shaped like a maple-glazed doughnut in the forum of the Flat Earth Society website.

Apparently the reason we can’t see the giant hold in the middle of the planet is because Light bends. According to Varaug: “Light bends and follows the curvature of the torus, making the hole “unseeable”.”

The theory gained steam in 2016 when more flat-Earthers saw the conspiracy theory in the forum.

Well…they’re not completely wrong…Earth is still technically shaped like a doughnut…a doughnut hole…