Flat Earthers End Up in Forced Quarantine After Leaving Italy to Find End of the Earth

At least they were practicing social distancing...

A couple in Italy decided the pandemic was a good time to finally explore the flat earth theory. So they sold their car, bought a boat, and headed off into the great unknown to find the ends of the earth.

Before they could get there though, they were taken into quarantine. They then tried to ESCAPE quarantine…but were thwarted by authorities. The couple then decided to just suck it up and stick out their mandatory two week sentence and abandoned their boat for a ferry back to mainland Italy.


“The man and woman, both from Venice, set sail towards Lampedusa – an island between Sicily and North Africa – to find “the end of the world”, which they believe is near the Sicilian island, reports Italy’s la Repubblica.

Having sold their car to buy the boat in Termini Imerese, a town in northern Sicily, the couple had to sail around the island to make it to Lampedusa, which in the last decade has become a common transit point for migrants and refugees trying to make the treacherous journey from Africa to Europe across the Mediterranean Sea. Unfortunately for the Flat Earther duo, they didn’t quite make it to their intended destination, ending up instead on Ustica, an island situated just northwest of where they set off, and a very long way away from Lampedusa.

The couple were taken into quarantine on Ustica, before trying to escape, being taken back to quarantine, and then trying and failing to escape once again. After they had decided to stay put and fulfill their required time in quarantine, the couple abandoned their doomed boat and took a ferry back to mainland Italy.”