Five Seconds Can Save Your Life

OPP Fall Seat Belt Campaign Underway

In the last five years, 347 unbuckled occupants have died in collisions investigated by the OPP. Three-quarters of them were male, many between the ages of 25 and 34. “Every year, our officers tend to crash victims of all ages who are not buckled in at the time of the collision,” says OPP Deputy Commissioner Brad Blair. “More often than not, they die as a result of being ejected, partially ejected or from the physical trauma they sustained inside the vehicle. Fortunately, our officers have also witnessed numerous victims survive their ordeal as a result of being restrained in their seat. Every life is worth the five seconds it takes to buckle up.” The OPP’s annual Fall Seat Belt Campaign began this morning and will run through October 7. Officers will be conducting enforcement and education that focuses on seat belt laws. They hope to see all drivers and passengers safely buckled in rather than have to issue tickets for seat belt violations.

photo: Thomas Angermann via Flickr