Five of Carrie Fisher’s Best Roles Beyond Princess Leia

Princess Leia was her best-known role but it was not her only role.

While Princess Leia was her most famous role, it wasn’t the only role Carrie Fisher brought to life onscreen.

Here are five roles you may have forgotten Carrie Fisher played:

1. The Blues Brothers

She played the crazy ex-girlfriend of Jake Blues.

2. When Harry Met Sally 

Fisher played Marie, Sally’s quirky best friend with a rolodex filled with men’s names.

3. 30 Rock 

She guest-starred on the second season as Rosemary, a feminist comedy writer who ends up being a bit too controversial for Liz Lemon’s show.

4. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

One of her smallest, yet arguably most hilarious role. Fisher played a nun who picks up Jay and Silent Bob on the side of the road. She accidentally makes Jay think she wants him to do some un-nun-like things to her.

5. The ‘Burbs

Carrie Fisher starred alongside Tom Hanks as a husband and wife who get caught up in a conspiracy that involves neighbors who may or may not worship the devil.

(cover photo via jimivr flickr)