Five Bizarre Superstitions in Honour of Friday the 13th

Do you believe any of these?

People have some crazy beliefs when it comes to superstition and ritual. Lots of us put on our lucky underwear or socks for a job interview, or avoid walking under ladders for fear of ruining our day. Those are tame in comparison to some of these bizarre superstitions from around the world.

Stay Forever Young by Carrying an Acorn

In Ancient Britain, women carried acorns around with them to stay looking young. The oak tree was believed to provide a longer life. Here we were spending hundreds of dollars on anti-aging creams and treatments when a simple acorn would do.

Watch out for Goats if You’re on Your Way to an Important Meeting

Goats were once associated with corruptness, lust, and the devil. They were also believed to absorb any evil or harm that may come upon you, which is why it was considered good luck to encounter one on your way to an important meeting.

An Awkward Silence means An Angel is Passing Over

It happens even to those of us well-versed in the art of conversation. It’s attributed to Dylan Thomas’ Portrait of the Artist, which contains the line ‘A host of angels must be passing by-What a silence there is!’ Next time your Tinder date isn’t going well, blame the angels.

If a Bird Poops on Your House, You’ll be Rich

In Russia, if a bird poops on you, your car, your house, or pretty much anything you own, it’s considered good luck. It’s believed to bring you riches and the more birds involved in the pooping process, the richer you’ll be.

Tuck Your Thumbs in if You Pass a Graveyard

This superstition has many incarnations. I used to hold my breath when passing a graveyard…something I had to abandon when my mom stopped the car at a red light right beside one. In Japan, tucking your thumbs in while passing by a graveyard is done to protect your parents because the Japanese word for thumb translates to ‘parent-finger’. By hiding it, you’re protecting your parents from death.