Fire Safety In The Dorm

Smoke Alarms, Extension Cords, No-Iron Cooking And More

So, your kid is moving away to college or university this weekend, you’ve bought them pots and pans, laundry detergent, given them some extra cash just in case, but did you buy them a smoke alarm? Barrie Fire Safety Officer Samantha Hoffmann says it’s never a bad idea since you don’t know if their accommodation has one…

Hoffmann also advises looking around and planning an escape route should a fire break out and remember cooking is the main cause of house fires. Never leave a stove unattended when cooking or put pizza boxes in the oven. Hoffmann also recounts stories of students using an iron to heat finger food when an oven is unavailable. Listen below for more fire safety advice, including the use of extension cords and electronic charging devices, and purchasing content insurance.