Finally Answered… The Best NERF Dart revealed!

For Hours of Foam Flinging Fun!

As a kid I loved Nerf guns… (And at the risk of sounding like an advertisement) With the release of the newest line of Nerf guns; I love them as an adult too. My nephew got this Nerf rifle for Christmas and that thing is freakin cool!  Now with the darts of yesterday mixing with the darts of today the question is raised, what is the best Nerf Ammo?

Thanks to  Youtuber Coop772 and his page Foam Flinging Entertainment we now have the answer… If you’re not totally down to watch a nearly half an hour video on flinging foam you can skip to the 22:00 minute mark to hear which dart takes the crown.


Wanna get way into Nerf? Check out the official Nerf page here.