Fashionable Boots Not Necessarily Best

9 Out Of 98 Couldn't Pass The Slip Test

Most people buy winter boots for warmth comfort and fashion. The thought of not slipping on the ice usually doesn’t come to mind until it happens. But a recent study indicates the boots you have right now are probably not going to keep you up-right during ice conditions. A team of researchers tested 98 pairs of boots and found only 9 pairs helped with grip instead of slip. The two materials that were successful in keeping you from slipping on ice were Green Diamond, a rubber sole with grit embedded in the material, and Arctic Grip, a different material that looked smooth, but had little crampons that could be seen with a microscope. If you are in the market for a new boots, these might be worth a shot if you want to remain standing.

* Caterpillar Men’s Stiction Hiker Ice+ Waterproof TX Boots.
* Dakota Men’s Oil-Resistant T-Max Anti-slip Transitional Boots.
* Dakota Men’s 9800 CTCP PU Boots With Green Diamond.
* Dakota Women’s CTCP Transitional Boots.
* Sperry Women’s Powder Valley Polar Ice Grip Boots.
* Sperry Men’s Cold Bay Sport Ice+ Boots.
* Wind River Men’s Snow Leopard Boots.
* Wind River Men’s Yoho Hiking Boots.
* Men’s Wolverine Safety Boots.