Facebook Group Used Gord Downie’s Name To Sell TShirts

Buyer, Beware

Since Gord Downie announced he was battling incurable brain cancer, the support for the Tragically Hip front man and the Gord Downie Fund has been overwhelming. There are many legitimate organizations selling shirts, hats and artwork and donating the proceeds to Sunnybrook hospital (In Gord We Trust, Gord F’Ing Downie and #CourageForGord for example). Unfortunately, there are also people taking advantage of the generosity of others.

According to the Toronto Star, Facebook removed a group called “Gord Downie Strong” that was selling ‘Jaws’ tshirts for $24.99 plus tax, and claiming to donate the money to the  Gord Downie Fund for Brain Cancer Research.

But Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre hasn’t heard from the group and has yet to see a cent. Gord Downie Strong also uploaded what it claimed to be a tax receipt for a donation to its Facebook page.

“Dear Gene K.,” it read, “Thank you for your recent $7,500 donation to Sunnybrook’s glioblastoma research initiatives” but The Sunnybrook Foundation says that it did not issue the tax receipt.

To date, the Gord Downie Fund has earned $1 million in donations from various legitimate events and people.

If you’re looking to support the Gord Downie Fund, just remember to use caution and do your due diligence.