Elizabeth Swaney is The Olympic Skiier Who Does No Tricks

No pomp and circumstance here

Halfpipe skiing is one of the newer Olympic events featured at the games this year. Canada’s own Cassie Sharpe just won a gold for Canada in the sport. Here’s a gold medal-winning run by Cassie Sharpe for reference:

If you’ve ever wondered if you were good enough to compete at the Olympics…wonder no more. You are. Elizabeth Swaney is the new poster child of ‘average’.  Check out her halfpipe ski run from this week in Pyeongchang:

You were waiting for the tricks right?

Swaney is an American competing for Hungary. She managed to qualify for the games because the sport is fairly new. That means there aren’t many competitors out there yet. Typically the top 30 will make it through and there weren’t even 30 women competing in her qualifying runs. She attended every World Cup event she could and played it safe with her trick-free runs, ensuring she never fell during competition.