Elderly Barrie Man Taken By “Emergency Scam”

Caller Claiming to Be Son Fleeced Victim Out of Cash

Despite warnings from the law, some folks still falling victim to the so called Emergency Phone Scam. Barrie Police got a call yesterday from an elderly man who reported getting a call from someone claiming to be his son. The caller said he’d been caught drinking and driving and needed a large sum of bail money. The phone was passed to a scam artist claiming to be the lawyer, who gave the elderly man directions on how to wire money to them. A few hours later, the same scammers called back saying it wasn’t enough, and the elderly victim sent more. Police say if you get a call like this, ask questions only your family would know, or call family to verify the story before sending any cash. Check out the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre website for more information on how to protect you and yours.