Eclipse 2017

Something for Everyone

The best part of yesterday’s eclipse partial eclipse of the sun was that at least for a few moments we were distracted by something other than politics, terrorism, or the racial protests that have been dominating the news the last several months.

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For some people, the eclipse was a non-event, hardly worth taking in.  For others, they drove from far and wide with some people flying in from different countries arriving at destinations to get the very best possible location they could to take in the event.

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It had to have been one of the most photographed events we’ve seen in a long time, and many of the pictures people got were spectacular.  That’s the great thing about an event like this.  If you missed the actual eclipse because of work or some other reason, you can always catch it later on re-runs.

If nothing else it will be remembered happening during the summer of 2017, when around here we had waited for sun for so long that when we finally got a full day of it…we weren’t supposed to be out in it.

If you missed it, here’s a time-lapse version so you can get on with your day.