Easter + Bacon = Yes.

Add some bacon to your Easter dinner!

Easter, a time for ham…  And if your family is like mine (ridiculously large) a turkey is likely to make an appearance as well; but for me… It’s all about the ham baby!  I mean if there was ever a dinner where the ham was a shining star, its Easter. So my question to you today is: why not pork up your Easter dinner to an entirely new level?… By adding bacon…. EVERYWHERE! “How?” You ask. Here’s some great recipe ideas to inspire a bacon takeover!

Bacon Wrapped Green Beans

Feeding a crowd that’s not so hot on vegetables? Kick up your side options with some crispy bacon wrapped veggies…

Brussels  and Bacon 

Gross? WRONG!

Bacon Wrapped Turkey 

Just look at this and tell me how it could possibly be a bad idea?

Bacon Apple Pie

Sweet… Savory… It has it all!

Maple Bacon Cupcakes 

Maple bacon eh?

Bacon and ham! 

And oh yes… The piece de resistance!

Happy Easter everyone! Now it’s time to go for a run!