Dude Who Got Kicked Out Of Slayer Show And Attempted To Swim Back Is Metal As Hell

In Frigid Lake Ontario Waters

Slayer’s farewell tour stop at Toronto’s Budweiser Stage on Tuesday was relentless celebration of all things metal. In addition to the retiring thrash legends, the bill featured Lamb of God, Anthrax, Behemoth, and Testament. Never has Ontario Place seen so many sets of devil horns flailing, or so much puke.

One man stands out as the most metal of all, though. Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian captured one man’s attempt to swim back across Lake Ontario to the concert grounds after being kicked out. He did not make it back to the concert. According to The PRP, the unidentified man was apprehended by authorities and treated for potential hypothermia.

His effort, though, was outstanding.


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Now that’s metal.