Drunk Man Forgets He Sold his Car and Calls Police to Report it Stolen

He needs to check for new tattoo's and piercings

Anyone who’s had a few too many wobbly pops has done something they regret. Maybe it was drunk dialing an ex, or passed out in spectacular fashion somewhere embarrassing. It doesn’t matter, because chances are whatever you did doesn’t even compare to this guy from New Zealand.

He was partying it up, when suddenly he ran out of money for more alcohol. Instead of calling it a night, he decided it would be a great idea to sell his car for some quick cash. The man sold it for $800 New Zealand dollars, which is about $700 Canadian.

Fast forward to the following morning, the guy woke up to find his car missing. Having no recollection of the night before, the only logical conclusion he could come to is that someone took it. So, he called the cops and reported it stolen. The car’s new owner ended up checking the registration online the following day, saw an alert about the car possibly being stolen and contact the police immediately.

The cops got in contact with both parties and told them to sort the problem out among themselves.

[via Telegraph]