Drivers Are Warned To Not Let Moose Lick Their Car


Do not let moose lick your car! Imagine living in a place where that’s a rule you have to follow? Pretty cool. And it’s true if you’re living in Alberta. That’s what the sign says at the entrance to Jasper National Park. This is in the midst of an exploding moose population. So the reason that moose would come up to your car is that they like salt and cars in Canada have salt on them at this time of year. A moose getting near a car can mean an increase in collisions and that can be catastrophic for both the car and the moose. I actually thought that a you shouldn’t allow because then the moose’s tongue could stick to your car and become frozen there.

So they’ll have to find their salt elsewhere but good thing there are lots of natural places they can do that in the wild. The sign has been getting quite a bit of attention, with photos of it going viral and I think because it’s just so quintessentially Canadian.