Drivers and Passengers of Uber Canada Required to Wear Masks Starting Monday

among other measures that will be in effect until at least the end of June

Uber Canada has released new guidelines for drivers, couriers and passengers aimed at helping to contain the spread of COVID-19 in Canada.

There are several new rules that take effect on Monday including drivers and passengers not being able to pick up or book rides until they’re verified to be wearing a face mask via photo-recognition software through the app. They also have to complete a mandatory checklist asking about symptoms, disinfected vehicles, and hand washing.

Both passengers and drivers will be able to cancel rides with no penalty if they feel the other party is not following the new guidelines.

Other changes include no passengers being allowed to sit in the front seat, and the maximum passenger load for Uber X rides has been reduced from four to three. Passengers will also be asked to open a window if possible for circulation.

Food couriers with Uber Eats will also be able to notify Uber if restaurants are not following physical distancing guidelines or if there is a long wait. Restaurants will also be able to inform Uber if a courier isn’t wearing a mask or following the new protocols.

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