Donald Trump’s Tweet Boosts Nickelback Streams And Song Sales

"Photograph" gains in popularity.

After US President of the United States Donald Trump tweeted a clip of Nickelback’s “Photograph,” meant to take aim at his opponent, Democrat Joe Biden, Nickelback sales and streams have gone through the roof.

The tweet from October 2 read: “LOOK AT THIS PHOTOGRAPH!” It was accompanied by a clip of the song where the picture had been replaced with one of Biden, his son hunter and “a Ukrainian gas exec.”

It has since been deleted due to an infringement of copyright but it was still online for several hours. In that time it got a lot of attention causing the streams of the iconic 2005 song to skyrocket. Within the two days after the post, it had 772 000 streams, which was a 38% increase. Plus, digital sales went up 569%.

YouTube / Nickelback

I guess any publicity is good publicity!