Did Liam And Noel Just Patch Things Up?

"We;re All Good Again"

There’s a chance we’re being taken for a ride, but Oasis frontmen Liam and Noel Gallagher may have just patched things up.

When responding to a Tweet last night, Liam Gallagher revealed that his brother “reached out” for the holidays. The brief exchange left fans in the dust wondering what just happened, considering the pair have spent the entire year tearing each other apart over Twitter, in interviews and otherwise.

It all started when Liam tweeted out a Christmas message to Noel’s “team”. A fan questioned the message to his brother, and Liam’s response was a little vague.


When asked to clarify, Noel responded with an ever brief “we’re all good again”.


Could they have finally patched things up, or is this just another marketing stunt to promote both their new solo albums? Only time will tell.