Detroit’s “Giant Slide” has Reopened and Launches Riders at Super Fast Speeds

Bruises for all!

the “Giant Slide” in Belle Isle Park in Detroit has reopened after being closed for two years.

It originally opened in 1967, then was replaced with a new version in the 80’s and is now being run by Michigan’s of Natural Resources and an amusement company called Healthy Kidz Inc.

The slide reopened last week and had to be shut down just a few hours later because of how fast people were going down.

@theyadorexensia 😂😂😂😂 #fyp #belleisle ♬ original sound – my phone and back are fine😭

Apparently before they reopened the Department of Natural Resources “scrubbed down the surface” of the slide and sprayed a little water on it between rides to help control the speed.

(via WXYA Detroit)

(cover photo via Karen Dumas Twitter)