Dear Mr. Reynolds…

Thank you for the times I've bonded with friends over your films!

Dear Mr. Reynolds

It was 3 years ago, at a cottage on a lake near Tweed, Ontario. Myself, my best friend, a few others gathered and had a wonderful BBQ, we fished for hours, and wanted to wind down a little bit. We went inside after putting some gas in the generator, popped in Smokey and the Bandit and enjoyed a wonderful time together. We didn’t stop talking about the car, your acting and the fun you had with the film. To this day we all remain friends, we all remain car lovers and we all envy the way you drove with such confidence!


All in All, from one cowboy to another (I’m actually not a cowboy but it sounded too cool to pass up). I just wanted to say thanks for the amazing work, and the way you brought people together. Oh, Also I found a bunch of messages from some of your friends!