Daylight Saving Ends

More Accidents Today

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Welcome back to Standard Time. Careful on your commute to work and back home today.  Studies have concluded that there is a noticeable increase in traffic accidents on the Monday following the time change both in the Spring and in the Fall.

Yes, we gained an extra hour over the weekend, however a lot of that hour was consumed by looking for manuals on how to change the microwave oven, stove or other appliance clocks, not to mention changing the batteries in the smoke detectors.  As far as the clock in your car goes, for a lot of people, they figure the clock will correct itself in about six months.

The problem with making the adjustment to the time change for a lot of people is that they now have to stay up an hour later than normal before going to bed, but you still have to wake up at the same time you used to get up before the time change, so you actually end up losing about two hours of sleep before you finally get used to the time shift.

The other thing you’ll notice about the time change is you’ll be fumbling to find your keys in he dark when you get home from work a little after 5 tonight.  There are arguments that we really don’t need to change the time in the Spring and Fall anyway, so why do we still do it?  I don’t know about you, but all through Daylight Saving Time, I have to admit, I didn’t manafe to save any.