David Lee Roth Dedicates New Song To Eddie Van Halen

'Somewhere Over The Rainbow Bar + Grill'

David Lee Roth looked through some unreleased music he recorded just over a year ago, made some tweaks, and released ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow Bar + Grill,’ which is an iconic spot in West Hollywood that Van Halen used to frequent. David Lee Roth is preparing to release some solo stuff and felt dedicating the tune to Eddie Van Halen and releasing it right away was the right thing to do.

Eddie Van Halen passed away at the age of 65 from throat cancer on October 6th of this year and this song was released a few weeks later on October 30th.

The artwork for the song says “Hey Ed, I’m gonna miss ya’ See you on the other side…”

Have a listen to ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bar + Grill’ below.