Find Out What Our GET A LIFE Winner Is Most Excited About

Congrats to David Greenham of Barrie Who Won an Entire Year Worth of Prizes!

The Get A Life Grand Prize was given away Sunday morning. All of the qualifiers gathered bright and early at Tangle Creek Golf and Country Club for a special brunch.

Upon arriving, qualifiers received a special balloon they were instructed to hold on too during the morning. There was at least a couple that got away and floated to the ceiling, but in all most people managed to hang on to their balloons until it was time to reveal what was inside each of the balloons.

Craig Ross welcomed the crowd and later introduced last year’s Get a Life Winner, Robert Jones. Robert told qualifiers that if they were to win the Grand Prize, they needed to be very organized to get the most out of all the prizes they would win because there is so many!

A reverse draw was held by the ROCK 95 Morning Crew, with consolation prizes including a 4K TV, dinners at great restaurants like Michael and Marion‘s, a fantastic pair of diamond earrings courtesy of P.D. Murphy Jewellers and tickets to the Birthday Bash!

A shocked and excited David Greenham of Barrie was drawn as the Grand Prize winner. Listen here to find out what he’s most excited about winning!