Dad Transforms Daughter’s Wheelchair Into Magical Princess Carriage

Costume of the year!

This dad deserves Dad Of The Year award! For Halloween, he transformed his daughter’s wheelchair into a glittering Cinderella carriage.

Josh Jaconelli, from Glasgow, Scotland posted this video of his daughter in her princess dress and carriage on Facebook and it’s been viewed more than 1.6 million times and shared more than 5,700 times.

“Ava, like any other six-year-old girl, wants to be a princess, so we wanted to make her day so special because Ava can’t go out trick-or-treating like most kids because she’s nil by mouth,” Ava’s mom Kayleigh Porter said.

“So we wanted to give her attention and see her face light up with the lights and we just wanted everybody to know how special she is to us and her family.”

6-year-old Ava has Aicardi syndrome, which can cause seizures and vision problems.

“The video is actually the first time Ava saw her costume,” Porter explained.

“Not long before we had put the lights on she had took a seizure and she was extremely tired. So we thought we’ll put the lights on and see how she reacts and her face was amazing.

“She was just so overwhelmed, she didn’t know where to look and it just brought a tear to both our eyes because she was so tired from the seizure. She was so pleased.”

“She loves lights and she loves being the centre of attention and she definitely got centre of attention with that one,” Porter added.

My heart exploded when I saw this!