Dad Becomes Luisa for Daughter

When your daughter assigns you Luisa for her birthday, you put on the dress and rock it.

Whitney Stilwell’s daughter was so excited to have her Encanto-themed birthday party that she assigned all her family members roles from the Disney smash. Even though her husband isn’t the biggest fan and wishes that We Don’t Talk About Bruno would magically become uncool all of a sudden, he wins a dad award for rocking the dress for his little girl.

The birthday girl was Mirabel, her sister was Isabel, and Dad was Luisa!

The one from the other song that has been driving parents bonkers.


@whitneyestilwell Daddy of the Year Award goes to.. #encanto #disney #dadjokes #dadlife #daddysgirl #funny #girldad #girldadtiktok #trending #viral #viralvideo #dad ♬ Surface Pressure – Jessica Darrow